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  • Definition and use of casing


    A tough translucent film made by scraping the large and small intestines of livestock. It is divided into pig casings, sheep casings and cattle casings according to animal types, and can be divided into small casings and large casings. It is mainly used as a coat for filling sausages and enema; sheep casing can also be made into gut for making tennis racket string, bow string, instrument string and surgical suture, etc. China has been processing casings for more than a hundred years. Pig casings are mostly produced in Eastern and Central China; sheep casings are mostly produced in North China, Northeast China and Inner Mongolia. Initially it was only used for bowstrings and cotton strings, and the output was limited. At the beginning of the 20th century, factories were set up in Tianjin, Beijing and other places for processing and production, which soon became an important export material for China. \"Constitution\" The intestine can be divided into four layers: mucosa, submucosa, muscle layer, and serous membrane from the inside to the outside. When processing the salt casings of pigs and sheep, only the submucosa is left and the other 3 layers are scraped; when processing the dry casings of pigs and sheep, part of the mucosa is retained in addition to the submucosa; when processing salt and dry casings of cattle, only the mucosa is removed and Read More
  • The 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Founding of the Natural Casing Branch of the China Meat Association and the 2018 Member Conference was held in Beijing


    The processing of natural casings is a traditional national handicraft industry in China, which has a history of hundreds of years. In the early days of the founding of New China, it was my country’s traditional export-oriented commodities. Since the reform and opening up, the natural casing industry has developed rapidly. At present, there are thousands of natural casing processing enterprises in my country, with more than 100,000 employees, and annual export earnings of more than 1 billion US dollars, reaching a record high of 1.348 billion US dollars in 2017. The natural casing processing industry has played an important role in transferring rich rural labor and increasing farmers' income. Figure 1 2018 is the 40th anniversary of our country's reform and opening up, and coincides with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Natural Casing Branch of the China Meat Association. On September 18, 2018, the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Natural Casing Branch of China Meat Association and the 2018 Member Conference was held at the Nikko New Century Hotel in Beijing. More than 200 representatives of natural casing companies from all over the country attended the event. Figure 2 Vice Chairman of World Meat Organization, China Read More
  • Quality evaluation standard of casing


    The evaluation of casing quality is a systematic project. The following \"14 quality evaluation items\" can be used as the basis for the evaluation of inferiority and superiority. 1. The barrier property of casing: refers to the degree of barrier to oxygen, moisture and fragrance. Good barrier properties can provide sausages with a longer shelf life and shelf life, avoid returns due to deterioration of the sausages during the shelf life, and ensure that the freshness and aroma of the sausages are not lost. 2. The rationality of casing structure: The reasonable structure design of casing can provide an ideal packaging for sausages. 3. Casing film strength: good mechanical strength can meet the requirements of various filling and punching machines, thereby reducing the loss of casing film during use. 4. The stability of the shrinkage rate: refers to the consistency of the shrinkage rate of the same roll or the same batch of casings. If the shrinkage rate fluctuates greatly, the length and thickness of the sausage of the same specification will be uneven, which will be boxed and sold for you A lot of trouble. 5. Color uniformity: for the color... Read More
  • Casing use storage method


    Whether the casings are used and stored properly is also very important to the effect of casings. The storage environment of casings generally requires storage in a dry, ventilated, and dark place below 25°C. How to use it according to the method recommended by the casing factory. Improper use will adversely affect the quality of sausages. ①The casing is bruised before or during use. In severe cases, the casing will burst during enema or sterilization. In mild cases, the barrier property of the casing will decrease due to the destruction of the casing structure during the storage or sale of the sausage. Premature oxidative deterioration or bacteria enter the sausage, causing the sausage to spoil and lose its edible value. ②Storage of casings under high temperature and humidity will cause the sausage to deform, shrink and change its specifications. ③Long-term storage of casings will deform the casings and cause losses due to incomplete storage conditions. Generally recommended storage period is 3 months. Read More

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