Casing use storage method

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Whether the casings are used and stored properly is also very important to the effect of casings. The storage environment of casings generally requires storage in a dry, ventilated, and dark place below 25°C. How to use it according to the method recommended by the casing factory. Improper use will adversely affect the quality of sausages. ①The casing is bruised before or during use. In severe cases, the casing will burst during enema or sterilization. In mild cases, the barrier property of the casing will decrease due to the destruction of the casing structure during the storage or sale of the sausage. Premature oxidative deterioration or bacteria enter the sausage, causing the sausage to spoil and lose its edible value. ②Storage of casings under high temperature and humidity will cause the sausage to deform, shrink and change its specifications. ③Long-term storage of casings will deform the casings and cause losses due to incomplete storage conditions. Generally recommended storage period is 3 months.

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