Quality evaluation standard of casing

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  The evaluation of casing quality is a systematic project. The following \"14 quality evaluation items\" can be used as the basis for the evaluation of inferiority and superiority.   

1. The barrier property of casing: refers to the degree of barrier to oxygen, moisture and fragrance. Good barrier properties can provide sausages with a longer shelf life and shelf life, avoid returns due to deterioration of the sausages during the shelf life, and ensure that the freshness and aroma of the sausages are not lost.
2. The rationality of casing structure: The reasonable structure design of casing can provide an ideal packaging for sausages.
3. Casing film strength: good mechanical strength can meet the requirements of various filling and punching machines, thereby reducing the loss of casing film during use.
4. The stability of the shrinkage rate: refers to the consistency of the shrinkage rate of the same roll or the same batch of casings. If the shrinkage rate fluctuates greatly, the length and thickness of the sausage of the same specification will be uneven, which will be boxed and sold for you A lot of trouble.
5. Color uniformity: For colored casings, the uniform color can add glory to the appearance quality of the sausage, make it look beautiful, and attract the attention of consumers.
6. Casing opening: The opening quality is very important to the filling of sausages. If the opening is not good, casing casing and filling are more laborious, which will directly affect the work efficiency of the operator.
7. Specification accuracy: the deviation of the folding diameter and thickness of the casing should be controlled within a strict range. On the one hand, inaccurate specifications will cause uneven thickness of the sausage, and excessive thickness deviation will also cause the sausage to bend and reduce its performance. The phenomenon.
8. Transparency of casing film: For transparent casing film, good transparency is very important for high-quality sausages. It allows consumers to see the meat texture of sausages clearly, attracting consumers' desire to buy and enhancing consumption The impression of the product.
9. Soft and hard hand feeling: A good hand feeling will be easy for you to use. After filling, the sausage has a stronger meat feeling. For moulded ham, the softer casing can make its shape sharp and smooth. On the contrary, sharp edges and corners are easy to make the product water.
10. The brightness of the casing film: make the sausage very bright and dazzling on the shelf, and it is easy to attract customers.
11. Meat stickiness of the casing film: (1) refers to the meat stickiness of the casing film, which can reduce the folding of water in the sausage and prevent the taste of the sausage from getting worse. (2) Refers to the degree of adhesion between the layers of the casing film, which makes the casing structure stable and performance stable.
12. Adhesion effect between layers: refers to the degree of adhesion between the layers of the casing film, which makes the casing structure stable and performance stable.
13. Film roll flatness: it reflects the thickness uniformity of the casing film, but can give a comprehensive evaluation of the product.
14. Packaging tightness: on the one hand, the outer packaging of the casing should be tightly sealed to prevent the casing from absorbing moisture; the box is strong and reliable to prevent the casing from being damaged, so that the casing is well protected.
For sausage processing, casing may be the last step in the sausage production and processing line, but ignoring its importance may cause a lot of trouble. Then, the choice of casing must be considered comprehensively. On the one hand, choose a high-quality casing with good cost performance, and on the other hand, the choice of casing should be in line with the requirements of your sausage. At the same time, pay attention to the method of use, so that the casing can play its due role and bring you considerable economic benefits.

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